Get It On the Rocks with Me


I know you what you’re thinking.

“Oh, look! Another New Yorker with a blog! I really want to see more pictures of what she’s eating today!”

…I thought not.

I’ve started this blog with a different purpose: to let the world in on a sneak peek of my life in NYC. Real restaurant reviews, real adventures, real drunken posts.

If you’re looking for the popular opinion, daily meal pics, and puppies, stay far away from this blog. If you want honest, uncensored, and informatively fun posts, then stay….sip a glass of Glenmorangie with me.



So, if you’re interested in my adventures through New York City, join up and connect with me! Reach me in the comment sections, email, or Instagram DM.

@huyenyy or @vamped_beauty


**I will always denote all affiliate links with a “*”. Same with apply to sponsored reviews such as from Influenster or Instagram**

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