The Hogshead Tavern

The Facts: Courtesy of Hogshead Harlem

Hours: 4.00PM – 2.00AM
Bottomless Brunch
126 Hamilton Place @ 143rd St. NY NY 10031


My thoughts:

I’ve been to Hogshead for a few different occasions- happy hour, brunch, and for my birthday. Admittedly, I was not 100% convinced this place was worth the 20 minute trek up a hill, several avenues over in a strange section of Harlem. Turns out, it is a very chill and relaxed place to experience great service and a nice selection of craft brews on tap.

Brunch: Not the best brunch menu in NYC by a long shot, but delicious and satisfying. My ultimate go-to during brunch is the Pig & Dip with bottomless mimosas. The servers were very diligent with keeping those drinks coming and the sandwich is to die for. Wowowow. Their homemade Au Jus dip is simply orgasmic mixed with the tender pulled pork and crispy bread.

Speaking of Au Jus, they have this play on a pickleback shot called a “Piggyback” shot which features a shot of Irish Whiskey and a shot of steaming hot Pork Au Jus dip (Pictured Above). Sounds pretty disgusting, right? Let’s just say, it was actually amazing and I don’t regret taking 2 of these shots on a Thursday night…I also don’t regret not making it into work the next day due to combining those 2 shots with 4 other drinks. If you want to know, it was our awesome bartender’s fault (pretty sure she was also the owner but either way, she was a bad influence).


Night time: If you are looking for a place to sit back and enjoy great throwback music, a glass of well-priced craft brews and cocktails, Hogshead is the shit. Never gets too crowded, so you and your crew will pretty much always have seats. The kitchen closes super late- no fries though…booo! Their rotating list of craft beers is pretty impressive for a Harlem bar and the cocktails are definitely not basic. The night crew is attentive and just friendly enough without getting too crazy and overbearing.

It really is a neighborhood staple that services the less rowdy demographic and can easily become anyone’s regular spot. I’ve tried pretty much the whole food menu and enjoyed everything I had with no complaints.  The super clean bathroom is definitely a selling point as well.

Make sure to make a pit stop at Hogshead next time you’re in Harlem! So worth it 👍👍

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