Better than Macallan 10 Year?

I have a little debate topic for all you casual whisky lovers out there.

As a starting note, I’d like to say that Macallan has been a favorite of mine since I discovered the magic of whisky. I generally go for a 10 or 12 Year- however, I don’t really discriminate since their flavors are very similar.


The Macallan 10 Year

The 10 Year has a sweet, gentle & aromatic flavor profile that never overpowers and certainly not smokey. The oak subtly lingers when served on the rocks accompanied by huge hits from honey and light flowers in the background. Very easy to drink neat, on the rocks, and even in whisky cocktails. Hello, Macallan Lemonade 🍹 Get my recipe here.


Here’s a bit of background on how Glenmorangie joined the picture:

Everything began with Noorman’s Kil in BK. Boasting whiskey & grilled cheese and amazing reviews, my boyfriend and I had to go. Believe me when I say that this place is whisk(e)y heaven. The bartenders are very…uh, Brooklyn to put it simply, but they know their shit. I, like an idiot, went in there and ordered a Macallan on the rocks when there was literally a WALL of whiskies and a mini binder of probably 4000 to choose from. I dunno what I was thinking…maybe I was scared to venture out of my comfort zone since I was such a noob.

Anyhow, the bartender sort of ignored us for the rest of the night unless we needed to order our basic ass drinks the first time we were there. The second time was a little different; we took our friend Kaleb there with us. Being the strange one that he is, he pulled out a little notebook and questioned the bartender on the different whiskies and which would suit his palate. To all of our surprise, Luke, the bartender, came out of nowhere and just laid out A-Z of whiskey and made our visit infinitely better than the last.

He asked us all of our preferences and brought each of us samples of whiskies he thought would be good. He was spot on each and every time and seemed to be enjoying the engagement. This was when I was introduced to Glenmorangie, the Original 10 Year.


Glenmorangie The Original 10 Year

It has the same light floral punch as Macallan, but heavier notes of sweet orange. Nothing more than a smidge of woodsiness at first taste and no lingering flavor aside from more of the initial citrus. On the rocks, the citrus is greatly reduced to make room for a stronger floral sweetness. Drinkability is high, but not as satisfying as the Macallan.


These two are interchangeable for me depending on my mood, however I am still a huge fan of every glass of Macallan I’ve ever had and would pretty much opt for it every time I just want a nice sipping whisky.

🥃 Which Highland Single Malt do you prefer? Macallan or Glenmorangie? Or is there one you’d like me to try? Leave me a comment below! 🥃

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