The Macallan Lemonade

Yeah, yeah…”You mean, a whiskey sour?

Technically, but no. The Macallan Lemonade was formulated meticulously by yours truly.

Refreshing and super drinkable- not too whiskey-y for those who are wary and low-calorie. You can alkalize your body while getting drunk! …Not sure that’s how it works, let’s pretend for a sec. Check it out:


The Macallan Lemonade

1.5 oz (or however much your heart desires) — Macallan Single Malt Whisky 10 Year

Juice from a Whole Lemon

^^The insides of that Lemon- scooped out sans the rind^^

1 oz of Simple Syrup (or Triple Sec if you’re in the mood for something more tart)

1 Tb Sugar- preferably granulated

Your favorite seltzer- I use Vintage Watermelon Seltzer because it reminds me of my childhood


In a tall glass, muddle together the sugar and scooped out lemon insides. Add ice and set it aside for now.

If you have a shaker, pop some ice cubes in there and combine the whisky, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

Give it a quick shake, then strain into the tall glass.

Fill the glass to the top with your chosen seltzer, add a wedge of lemon…maybe a mint leaf if you’re really feeling it.

No shaker? Do not fret! Just pour the ingredients together into the glass with ice after muddling the sugar combo. Stir gently then top with the seltzer. If you’d like to have a nice cocktail kit at home to save money while looking extra fancy, check out this Cocktail Set* that’s very similar to the one I have myself.

Get shwasted my friends!


Let me know in the comments if you tried this and how you customized it for your taste. I’m telling you, the Watermelon Seltzer is bombtastic in this drink *wink*


*This post contains an Amazon Affiliate link*

One thought on “The Macallan Lemonade

  1. […] The 10 Year has a sweet, gentle & aromatic flavor profile that never overpowers and certainly not smokey. The oak subtly lingers when served on the rocks accompanied by huge hits from honey and light flowers in the background. Very easy to drink neat, on the rocks, and even in whisky cocktails. Hello, Macallan Lemonade 🍹 Get my recipe here. […]


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