Writing Fiction

I’ve been thinking about writing short fictional stories to publish as an ebook on Amazon.

I just finished my ebook “Conquer: Money, Making, Saving & Spending Money Like Boss in College and Beyond” and will be publishing it early August after some formatting and proofreading. Not going to try and down play it, but I’m pretty damn excited and nervous, but somehow I’m already feeling like I’m getting ahead of myself with this writing thing.

I guess I’m a bit afraid of the fiction realm. There are just so many books out there already in the category I’m interested in. Is my imagination up to par with something my audience would like to read, let alone purchase? Hmm…


These short stories would be about espionage and crime as per my own reading preferences. I love those vivid, yet easy reads- which just so happens to be my writing style- that make the reader cringe and think about the story for days. Not extremely gory, but psychologically taxing to say the least 😉


Maybe I’ll release a snippet of one I’m working on for y’all to check out and let me know what you think. Comment below if you have a book you’d like me to read and review!

My favorites right now are from Blake Pierce- all of his first books are free to read in each of his series, which is amazing. I’m on book 4 of the Before He Kills (Mackenzie White) Series and book 4 of the Once Taken (Riley Page) Series. I am reading them at the same time….and loving every second of it 📖📚



HT xoxo

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