Lorde: Melodrama (Album)- Mini Review

Disclaimer: I am extremely biased when it comes to Lorde. I remember finding her song Tennis Court off of Pure Heroine and just listening to it everyday, multiple times a day, for weeks. Nearly 4 years later and that whole album is still in my main playlist and I have downloaded 99% of all of her other collabs. Biased may not be the right word…


I always listen once through on all of my favorite artists’ albums. I want to have a full understanding of what their objectives are and what message they’re trying to send. I’ve listened to Melodrama….maybe 4 times in the past week all the way through, for added clarification and mini dance sessions.

It is simply addictive.

I love that Lorde has grown with her music, but not in the same way as other popular artists have. Sure, she said that she’d never be a part of the staged world of romanticized fame, but she never said that she is perfect. I think that she is taking the hand of fame she has been dealt and trying her best to make the most out of it. She is talking about boys, sex, drugs, acceptance, alienation, and everything in between without giving into the mainstream status quo- in other words, she hasn’t sold herself out to the industry in order to make boatloads of cash.

Although, I did hear something about Greenlight sounding like a T Swift song? But T Swift songs sound like most songs on the radio…so what’s the big deal? Greenlight is one of the only feverishly “poppy” songs on Lorde’s new album and was most likely written to be played on the radio and in clubs.

The rest of the album is just…lyrically genius and incorporates influence from her work with Disclosure and the Hunger Games soundtrack. The perfect harmony of electronic and gritty indie.

She has a sound and writing style that is quirky, dynamic. It’s kind of her bildungsroman, without being an 800 page book. It’s all quite brilliantly woven together with each song being a little window into her world.  You aren’t meant to completely understand where she’s coming from, but at the same time, you do completely understand.

Each song has a unique vibe that connects you to different parts of yourself worth bringing to the surface, if only for 3 or 4 minutes. You just have to plug in, turn it up, and close your eyes. I think you’d know what I mean if you just allow this album to consume you.

Sober and Liability are my favorites at the moment; they both discuss personal flaws in different lights, both positive and negative, in public and in private. These two really stand out to me and have been on repeat for a few weeks days now…


What do you think of the album? Any other artists out there with new releases that I need to listen to? Let me know your thoughts!





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